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Ünsal Law Office proudly offers high quality services to its clients Commerce, Sports, Real Estate, Enforcement and Bankruptcy, Family and Labour Law since its establishment.



Ünsal Law Office is a reputable law firm which was founded by İlhan Ünsal in 1970 and extended its high quality services to Istanbul under the leadership of Tuğhan Ünsal in 2010.

The Law Office mainly focuses on Commerce, Sports, Real Estate, Execution and Bankruptcy, Family and Labour Law. Our team is comprised of professionals who keep up with all regulatory and sectoral developments in order to offer seamless support to the clients in their respective areas of specialization.

In addition to representing the clients in litigations and execution proceedings initiated for or against them, we also provide supplementary legal services by conducting negotiations, drafting agreements and performing risk analyses on behalf of our clients.

Our mission is to uphold the requirements, expectations and rights of our clients and predict and eliminate, to the extent possible, the risks which might occur as a result of business processes in line with the principle of preventive law.

We prioritize professional ethics and strive for offering high quality services through rapid, transparent and direct communication with our clients.

Thanks to its reliable business partners, our law office provides legal services to its clients in various cities in Turkey and abroad through its offices in Istanbul and Ankara.




Our law office offers services for incorporation of companies including drafting/amending articles of association and shareholding agreements, share transfers and creation of joint ventures in addition to execution of contractual processes and resolution of contractual disputes.


The law office acts as the legal counsel of various domestic and international companies.




Our professional staff is highly experienced on drafting and negotiating corporate agreements including merger and acquisition agreements, conducting exit and control mechanisms and
protecting minority rights of shareholders.


Besides, we offer legal support to the new entities formed as a result of mergers and acquisitions in order to help them comply with the legal requirements related to their respective business fields.


Thanks to our reliable business partners, we are also able to perform audits and supervisory processes for our clients.



We represent our clients for all litigations involving property related disputes thanks to our experience on real estate law.


We perform legal reviews and conduct risk assessments for large scale real estate intended to be purchased/leased by the clients.

Also, we provide legal support to our clients to ensure rapid resolution of disputes related to Lease Law and make efforts to make the potential risks predictable.




Distinguished as one of the leading law firms in Sports Law in Turkey, our law office performs all kinds of legal services for its clients including preparation of professional athletes, resolution
of contractual disputes and recovery of debts by representing its clients for filings before domestic judicial authorities in addition to TFF, TBF, TVF and CAS, FIBA, CAS, BAT etc.

The law office provides services to Sports Clubs for execution of player, trainer and sponsorship agreements, performance of contractual processes and harmonization with amendments introduced to directives by federations. Also, we have ensured satisfactory conclusion of various projects involving club mergers / acquisitions and transfer of clubs to another city.

The law office represents a number of national and international agents and their athletes for recovery of their debts and execution of their rights arising from professional contracts, performance of negotiations and resolution of disputes with clubs.




We endeavour to encourage parties to divorce cases to resolve their dispute as well as relevant material dispute amicably to the extent possible and if that is not possible, we represent our clients before judicial authorities by adopting a reconciliatory approach to minimize the effect of divorce on both parties and their children, if any, and reduce the damage to be inflicted on the institution of family.




The law office provides legal support to its clients for preparation of employment agreements between employees and employers, termination of the existing agreement by the employee or employer and recovery of debts through legal action among others.


Also, our team keeps in close contact with especially corporate clients in order to enable them to comply with the amendments to labour law.





We take utmost care to protect the legal rights of our clients in litigations regarding inheritance disputes including fictitious inheritors and testament.


Also, our team represents the clients for resolution of other disputes between inheritors and completion of transfer processes.




The law office represents its corporate clients for recovery of debts due and payable by using effective remedies at law.


We perform all processes transparently by keeping our clients informed of all actions taken in that respect.





We offer advice to our clients for compliance with legal requirements in addition to filing objections and applications for ensuring resolution of disputes with public authorities and
representing our clients in litigations filed for that purpose.


Furthermore, we endeavour to provide guidance to our clients on taxation thanks to the support of our reliable business partners.






Having graduated from Faculty of Law at Ankara University in 1969, İlhan Ünsal founded Ünsal Law Office in Ankara in 1970.


İlhan Ünsal boasts of concluding various litigations on Commerce, Real Estate and Competition Law for the benefit of its clients throughout his acclaimed career.

İlhan Ünsal has played a constructive role in resolution of disputes and execution of agreements related to several projects involving his corporate clients. İlhan Ünsal not only provides legal support to his long-term clients but also contributes to raising young lawyers by providing guidance to them thanks to his vast legal experience.

A member of Ankara University Alumni Association and Avanos Schooling and Development Association, İlhan Ünsal is married with two children.

İlhan Ünsal is fluent in French.



Having graduated from METU Development Foundation Schools in 1998, Tuğhan Ünsal obtained his bachelor’s degree from Faculty of Law at Başkent University in 2004. Since then, he has represented various construction, tourism and insurance companies as a lawyer at Ünsal Law Office.

Tuğhan Ünsal is also in charge of Istanbul Office of Ünsal Law Office since 2010.

Offering legal consultancy services to several domestic and international companies thanks to his experience on Corporate Law, Tuğhan Ünsal also offers legal support to his individual clients on Real Estate, Execution and Bankruptcy, Labour and Family law among others.


Tuğhan Ünsal is a member of the Disciplinary Board of Turkish Basketball Federation since 2015.


Based on his distinctive experience on Sports Law, Tuğhan Ünsal represents Darüşşafaka Doğuş Basketball Club, established with the joint efforts of Darüşşafaka Society and Doğuş Holding, which he represents since 2013.

Tuğhan Ünsal is distinguished for founding Aliağa Petkim Sports Club under Petkim. He currently acts as the legal counsel of the club.


Furthermore, he represents several other clubs for dispute resolution processes before national or international judicial authorities.

Tuğhan Ünsal also represents a number of domestic and international agents and several professional athletes in Turkey.

Tuğhan Ünsal is fluent in English. He is married with two children.



Meşrutiyet Caddesi No:28/12 06420 Kızılay/Ankara

Tel:  +90 312 417 35 35


Zencefil Sokak No:1/1 Konaklar Mahallesi 4.Levent Beşiktaş İstanbul

Tel:  +90 212 221 09 97

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